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13th hole

How to play the 13th hole:

The highest stroking par 5 on the course, you will want to start your tee shot left as the fairway doglegs to the right. Beware that you do not hit your tee shot too long on the left-hand side as you will certainly run out of fairway. Your second shot needs to be very accurate as the fairway is protected by bunkers up the left side and, should your ball find one of these bunkers, you will be faced with a very daunting third shot to the green. The green is very narrow as you approach it and your ball will always run away to the right. Out of bounds hugs the right-hand side of the hole and the flowerbeds behind the green come into play very easily. Make sure that you are more conservative on this hole as a bogey can happen very quickly.


Par Stroke Red Blue White Yellow
5 10 435 438 470 480