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18th hole

18th hole

How to play the 18th hole:

The final hole of the round and by this time you may be feeling a little tired. The fairway is wide and your tee shot should find the fairway. You will encounter other difficulties when you approach your second shot which is invariably played from an uphill lie. This will tend to pull the ball left towards a well placed bunker. Should the pin be cut on the right-hand side, then avoiding the bunkers on the right is critical. The green slopes from back to front and a putt down the hill will be very fast with a lot of break. Rather be short of the pin as this will give you the best opportunity to score well on the hole.

The best part of the day has arrived. The 19th hole is close and the beers are always cold!


Par Stroke Red Blue White Yellow
4 4 325 328 405 435